About Us

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The Public Health Law Center is a national nonprofit law and policy organization that helps health leaders, officials, and advocates use the law to advance public health. Founded in 2000, our organization is a leader in U.S. public health policy, and a respected legal resource for dozens of local, state, national and international health organizations. The Center is located at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Our Mission

The Public Health Law Center’s mission is to improve public health through the power of law. 

What We Offer

Our public health law and policy specialists –

  • Assist local, national and international organizations develop legislation and policies in core areas to preserve, protect and promote public health
  • Help defend effective public health policies against legal attacks
  • Provide legal guidance on public health legal issues ranging from tobacco control and obesity prevention to worker health, product regulation and land use planning
  • Research, analyze, interpret and clearly explain complex public health legal issues in layman’s terms
  • Collaborate with the nation’s leading public health law and policy experts, including a broad network of global experts in public health legislation and regulation
  • Promote understanding of public health law through scholarly publications, state, national and international presentations, public health law classes, and practical educational resources