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Publications and Resources

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Special Collections

  • The Menthol Toolkit
    Resources created by the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium at the Public Health Law Center for state and local advocates to educate themselves on menthol tobacco products, and find out how they can effect change in the sale and consumption of menthol tobacco products in their communities.
  • Federal Regulation of Tobacco
    Factsheets, guidelines, and related materials that address legal, policy and related issues raised by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.
  • Going Too Far? Exploring the Limits of Smoking Regulation Symposium
    Proceedings of the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium’s 2007 public health law symposium where public health lawyers and tobacco control experts debated the impact of expansive new smoke-free policies on autonomy, privacy, confidentiality, personal liberty, and public health.
  • Going Smoke-free in the Land of Lakes: Case Studies of Seven Regions
    Detailed case studies of legal and political obstacles faced by seven Minnesota regions as they adopted smoke-free laws before the state passed a smoke-free law in 2007.
  • Tracking Tobacco Laws
    Digest of major tobacco-related federal and state laws and regulations that affect the State of Minnesota.
  • The Verdict Is In: Findings from United States v. Philip Morris
    Compilation of select quotes from historic 1,300-page opinion in U.S. government’s massive racketeering case against cigarette manufacturers.
  • WorkSHIFTS Toolkits for Employers and Unions
    Resource materials for labor union leaders and employers on tobacco cessation and related workplace issues.