Kansas Tobacco Resources

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These Kansas specific resources provide guidelines on drafting smoke-free school policies and information about adopting smoke-free policies within multi-unit public housing.


Cigarettes Being Handed

Model Tobacco-free Policy for Kansas Schools (2017)

This is a model policy worksheet for Tobacco-free Kansas Schools.

Smoking Housing

Smoke-free Policies in Kansas Public Housing (2017)

Adopting smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing has many benefits. These benefits include: a healthier, cleaner, and safer living and work environment; reduced risk of fire and smoke-related property damage; cost savings because of lower cleaning expenses and reduced insurance premiums; fewer complaints from residents; and market demand.

Teen Staring

Stopping Tobacco Use in Kansas Schools (2017)

Many Kansas school districts have adopted comprehensive tobacco-free policies which ban the use of tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes) on all school property (both indoor and outdoor areas), as well as at off-campus school functions. Many schools are also effectively educating students and staff about the dangers of tobacco use. However, there is more work to be done.