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Tobacco-Free Assisted Living Resources (2016)

A collection of resources with information on tobacco-free and smoke-free assisted living, including a 50-state review of existing state regulations.

Behind Closed Doors: The Hidden Epidemic of Nicotine Addiction in Assisted Living Residences (2016)

Poster summarizing findings from the Public Health Law Center’s ClearWay Minnesota research grant exploring strategies for reducing tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure in assisted living residences.

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The Minnesota Lawsuit: The Gift that Keeps on Giving (2014)

Podcast interview by Doug Blanke, J.D., Director of the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, who was part of a lawsuit that forced the tobacco industry to turn over millions of pages of documents showing how they targeted children in their marketing, hid data on the dangers of smoking, and misled the American public about their products. Click here.

Highlights of Citizen Petition to FDA on Menthol as a Characterizing Flavor (2013)

Highlights of Citizen Petition on behalf of many leading national organizations asking the FDA to prohibit menthol as a characterizing flavor in cigarettes.

FDA Citizen Petition - Asking FDA to Prohibit Menthol as a Characterizing Flavor in Cigarettes (2013)

Citizen Petition to Food & Drug Administration on behalf of the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium and many other national organizations focused on public health and ethnic health outcome disparities, asking the FDA to prohibit menthol as a characterizing flavor in cigarettes.

Consortium Testimony - FDA Public Hearing on NRT - 12-17-2012

Testimony of Kathleen Hoke Dachille on behalf of the Consortium, at FDA hearing on issues related to the regulation of nicotine replacement therapies, urging FDA to develop a comprehensive plan for regulating tobacco and nicotine products (Dec. 17, 2012).

WTO Petition - Trade Dispute between Thailand and Philippines over Tobacco Taxes (2009)

Tobacco Law Center (former Public Health Law Center) petition to World Trade Organization to submit information in a legal dispute between Thailand and the Philippines regarding cigarette taxes.

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Consortium's Comments to FDA on Impact of Dissolvable Tobacco Use on Public Health (Sept. 2010)

Consortium comments to FDA on weaknesses in the regulation of dissolvable tobacco products at the state and federal level.

Citizen Petition to FDA Regarding Review & Regulation of NRT Products

Petition to FDA re. tobacco cessation products (2010)
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U.S. Assisted Living Residences: Glossary of Terms (2016)

A glossary of common terms used in assisted living and residential care settings, including examples of programs and services found in many jurisdictions.

Comments to FDA on Smokeless Tobacco Product Warning Statements (2013)

Comments from twenty-four national organizations on what changes, if any, to the current statutory warnings on smokeless tobacco products would promote greater public understanding of the risks associated with the use of smokeless tobacco products.