Local Government

Local government resolutions can be used as a tool for cities and counties to promote a broad array of public health initiatives including Complete Streets, community gardens, and healthy community initiatives.  Resolutions provide a framework local governments can use to show government support for public health and to promote and encourage certain behaviors.  Local government resolutions should reflect the unique situation and needs of the community and be tailored to the specific legal framework of that community.   The local governing body will need to determine where to add language or make changes within specific policies, ordinances, or regulations to ensure the resolution best fits their community’s needs. 

For example, on March 21, 2012 the City of Eagan passed the first Healthy Eating Active Living resolution in the State of Minnesota.  Drawing on the legal technical assistance provided by the Public Health Law Center, the Eagan resolution will be used to support and promote healthy eating and active living strategies for the Eagan community.  On August 21, 2012, with a unanimous vote of its City Council, the City of Eden Prairie became the second city in Minnesota to pass a Healthy Eating Active Living resolution.


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Healthy Eating Policy Options for Minnesota Local Governments (2017)

For many people, eating healthier is not as simple as choosing to eat healthier foods. People need better access to healthy, affordable food. This resource describes a variety of policy options available to local governments to increase healthy eating and the availability of healthy food. It also provides specific examples showing how these policies have been used in Minnesota and other places, and connects policy options with stages of the food system.

Man on bike

Promoting an Active Minnesota: Local Policy Options to Support Walking and Bicycling (2017)

Local policy initiatives play a pivotal role in ensuring that communities have a viable transportation and recreation system that supports walking and bicycling. This resource describes a variety of policy options available to local governments to facilitate active transportation. It also provides specific examples showing these policies at work in Minnesota.


Drafting Effective Policies (2014)

This resource outlines different steps to draft an effective policy. It was developed for specifically for on-going Kansas efforts to improve the food and physical activity environment. The tool is meant to be used in conjunction with technical assistance, including that provided by the Public Health Law Center.

Older resources can be found in our Local Government resource archive.