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Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are devices, often resembling cigarettes, cigars or pipes, designed to deliver nicotine or related substances to users in the form of a vapor.  Over the last few years, these products have enjoyed a boom in popularity, thanks largely to marketing claims that promote them as less hazardous alternatives to combustible cigarettes and tout their safety, convenience and cost-effectiveness over traditional tobacco products.  Because of the lack of clinical research on e-cigarettes, many public health organizations and policymakers are concerned about their safety and health impact on users.  Also, because the federal government has yet to exercise its regulatory authority over these products, e-cigarettes are manufactured without regulatory oversight or quality controls, and promoted and advertised broadly without appropriate health warnings or legal age restrictions.

A growing number of state and local governments have taken steps to regulate the sale, marketing and use of e-cigarettes to protect the health of users, reduce youth initiation to nicotine and tobacco products, and promote enforcement of tobacco-free laws. This page provides background information and resources on e-cigarettes, as well as options and considerations for communities and policy makers when drafting or implementing laws or policies that regulate e-cigarettes.

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E-cigarettes and liquid

E-Cigarette Regulation - 50 State Review (2016)

A 50-state (plus Washington, D.C.) survey of current state statutes pertaining to e-cigarette regulations in the following areas: definition of “tobacco product,” taxation, product packaging, youth access/other retail restrictions, and smoke-free air legislation.

View the 50 State Review

Regulating Electronic Cigarettes and Similar Devices (2017)

2017 policy guide with options and pointers for communities and policymakers to consider when drafting or implementing laws or policies that regulate e-cigarettes and similar devices.

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E-Cigarette Taxation: Frequently Asked Questions (2015)

This fact sheet provides answers to several commonly asked questions about taxing e-cigarettes and related products.

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