Public Health Policy Change Webinars

The Public Health Law Center's series of webinars for the public health community covers significant and timely topics in public health law and policy. Our presenters include experts in areas such as tobacco control, healthy eating, active living and other obesity prevention work, worksite wellness, and general public health policy development. Each webinar provides specific objectives and substantive resources applicable to public health practitioners, lawyers, advocates and community leaders.

The webinars run for 90 minutes and include presentations by at least three leading experts that examine the topic from different angles. The presentation concludes with an interactive Question and Answer session where participants may submit questions directly to panelists.

The Public Health Law Center, home of the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, partners with many national health organizations, several of which are co-sponsors on our webinars. As leaders in their fields, these organizations provide additional insight and take-away skills on the topic at hand.

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Featured Webinar

  Using the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program to Promote Smoke-free Housing Policies (2015)

Thu, 04/09/2015

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program is a federal program, available in every state, to promote the development of affordable housing.  States and some local communities can customize the requirements of the program to encourage the development of housing that aligns with community housing goals.  LIHTC has been used by some states to encourage the adoption of smoke-free policies for new housing developments or for properties going through major renovation.  This webinar will explain what LIHTC is and will provide examples from states that have used the program to promot