THE PUBLIC Health Law center

We collaborate with others to reduce and eliminate commercial tobacco, promote healthy food, support physical activity, and address other causes of chronic disease. We partner with Tribal health leaders, federal agencies, national health advocacy organizations, state and local governments, planners, researchers, attorneys, community coalitions, and individuals working on public health issues to create healthier communities around the country.

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    Countering the Tobacco Epidemic

    The Public Health Law Center supports commercial tobacco control policy change throughout the United States, developing resources on the most effective legal and policy measures that health leaders and policymakers can use to control the epidemic of commercial tobacco use and counteract the predatory tactics of Big Tobacco. 

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    Supporting Tribal Sovereignty and Indigenous Health

    Tribal Nations are continuously applying their sovereignty to support health for their peoples and lands. Colonialism and attempted genocide have disrupted many Indigenous systems and structures, causing significant health inequities. Yet, Tribes and Indigenous people are resilient, working to reinforce and restore traditional ways to advance health across Indian Country. Policy can be an effective tool to support this work.

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    Healthy Food is Essential for Everyone

    Being able to eat good food is fundamental to our wellbeing. Food nourishes us, reflects our families and cultures, and brings us together in community. The Public Health Law Center supports policy change designed to make healthy, tasty, culturally relevant foods easy to grow, get, make, and eat, for everyone.

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    Humans are Meant to Move

    Policies shape the spaces around us and how we move through our neighborhoods. The Public Health Law Center helps communities think about how to use land use, community planning, transportation planning, and green space policy tools to maximize opportunities for physical activity and better mobility for all.

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