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The Public Health Law Center’s publications are written for public health practitioners, legal professionals, advocates, policymakers and the general public. The Public Health Law Center’s e-newsletters, including the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium’s Legal Update covering key tobacco legal news, litigation and legislation, and Cessation Benefits Focus, a quarterly tobacco cessation newsletter for the labor community from the Center’s WorkSHIFTS program.

Legal Update - Spring 2017

This issue highlights the disproportionate impact of tobacco use on vulnerable populations, including individuals suffering from behavioral health and substance use disorders, low socioeconomic populations, and other groups.  It include news on an exciting behavioral health and tobacco use summit; salutes a national public health champion; showcases several publications and resources that address tobacco use policies and interventions among marginalized and underserved populations; profiles organizations that focus on addressing tobacco-related health inequities; and features an “Ask A Lawyer” column on addressing reasonable accommodation issues in public housing, where many individuals with disabilities reside and one third of the adults smoke. 

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Legal Update – Winter 2016

This edition highlights the critical role that litigation plays in tobacco control. The issue includes news on recent U.S. tobacco lawsuits, as well as an historic class action case in Quebec; salutes a few of the champions who have represented clients in lawsuits against the tobacco industry over the years; showcases several publications and resources related to tobacco litigation; and features an Ask A Lawyer column on a tobacco control policy option that some local governments are concerned could be challenged in court.

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Legal Update - Summer 2015

This special edition focuses on the tobacco industry’s ongoing impact on kids. The issue includes resources on policy options for regulating flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products; two publications that examine marijuana policy issues analogous to those faced in tobacco control; an article describing lessons learned from Massachusetts attorneys Cheryl Sbarra and Jenn Robertson from one town’s attempt to ban the sale of all tobacco products; and an Ask A Lawyer column on tobacco retailer licensing.  It salutes the activities of two major organizations focused on youth tobacco control – the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Legacy – and pays tribute to two seasoned national leaders in tobacco control, Dr. Tim McAfee and the American Lung Association/C. Everett Koop’s Unsung Hero of the Year, the Consortium’s Maggie Mahoney.

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Legal Update - Summer 2014

This special commemorative edition looks back at tobacco control accomplishments since 1964, the year the first Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health was released. The issue features reflections on memorable moments in tobacco control law and policy from Consortium attorneys at several legal resource centers and we review a few major legal challenges over the last decade; a salute to a committed public health champion who has played a pivotal role in U.S. tobacco control legislation – Congressman Henry Waxman, along with a special story by attorney Cliff Douglas about Waxman’s ingenuity as a tobacco control champion; an "Ask a Lawyer"  column on e-cigarettes; and links to new tobacco control resources, tobacco law and policy job postings, and upcoming events.

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