Rachel Callanan Staff Photo

Rachel Callanan, J.D., M.N.M.

Lead Senior Staff Attorney for Minnesota Technical Assistance, Commercial Tobacco Control Programs

Rachel.Callanan [at] mitchellhamline.edu


Rachel Callanan leads the Minnesota technical assistance work in commercial tobacco control for the Public Health Law Center, which provides legal technical assistance on commercial tobacco control issues to public health professionals and organizations, legal professionals, and advocates in Minnesota.

Prior to joining the Center, Rachel was Regional Vice President of Advocacy for the American Heart Association where she led policy work in healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco control policy. With almost 18 years of experience on the front lines of passing state and local policies, Rachel has also led nonprofit advocacy with the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless, Minnesota Housing Partnership, and MN-NOW, and worked as a Research Associate at the Institute on Race and Poverty.

B.A., University of Minnesota
J.D., Hamline University (St. Paul, Minnesota) School of Law
M.N.M., Hamline University School of Business