Child care providers are important partners in the support of healthy child development. Virginia requires licensure of certain child care providers, and the licensing requirements include regulations about various quality measures including nutritious food and active play.

As a part of its extensive work in the child care setting, The Public Health Law Center has reviewed the child care licensing laws to identify the how the setting is defined and regulated. The review also identifies the public health requirements for child care providers (nutrition, active play, screen time limitations, etc.).


Analyzing Virginia Child Care Licensing Laws for Nutrition, Active Play and Screen Time

This resource compares scientifically-based best practices with Virginia’s child care licensing regulations on healthy eating, active play and screen time limits. To see this analysis in an interactive 50-state map, click here.


Virginia Child Care Screen Time Regulations

This resource identifies the child care licensing language that impacts screen time in child care settings.


Virginia Child Care Definitions and Exemptions

This resource identifies the child care licensing language defining and exempting child care settings.


Virginia State Regulations and Statues

Virginia Child Care Regulations (current through May 2017)

Virginia Child Care Statutes (current through July 2016)

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Child Care Highlighting Protocol

  • Child Care Highlighting Protocol - The Public Health Law Center has reviewed the child care licensing regulations to identify how the setting is defined, how it is regulated, and who is exempt from regulation. The review also identifies public health requirements (nutrition, active play, screen time limitations, etc.), as well as other indicators, such as playground safety, equity and environmental contaminants. Licensing regulations were downloaded from state websites and highlighted.


Additional Resoures

Leveraging the Child and Adult Care Food Program: Promoting Healthier Eating Standards for Out-of-School Time in Virginia (2015).

  • This publication explains how afterschool programs can participate in CACFP, and discusses strategies and key considerations for leveraging the program to support implementation of the HEPA standards across OST settings in Virginia.