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Minnesota Healthy Beverages in Healthcare Resources

As employers and healthcare providers, healthcare organizations hold a significant investment in the health of their employees and patients. They also have a key leadership role to play in helping to create healthier communities by modeling policy, systems, and environmental changes that can shift the social norms that promote chronic disease and premature death. Public health experts agree that overconsumption of sugary drinks is one of the social norms that must be changed.

The Public Health Law Center, in partnership with Health Care Without Harm and the Minnesota Cancer Alliance has created a series of resources designed to inform and support efforts to promote healthy beverage choices and reduce consumption of unhealthy products within workplace settings in Minnesota, with a special focus on healthcare settings. Although the series focuses on beverages, many of the principles and approaches can also be applied to the food environment. These resources are designed to support healthcare organizations in taking up the call to reduce and eliminate sugary drinks, and promote healthy offerings, within their campuses.


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Healthy Beverages in Healthcare Toolkit Collection

There is no “one size fits all” approach to building a healthy beverage program. While these are the typical components for effective programs, they can be tailored to fit the culture and goals of the organization. This is the combined toolkit, including a guide and fact sheets.


The individual fact sheets and other resources included in the toolkit are listed below.


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Healthy Healthcare Hospital Pledge Programs Summary

This fact sheet provides a summary of national and regional voluntary pledge programs that focus on improving the food and beverage environments within organizational settings.

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Building Blocks for Success - A Guide For Developing Healthy Beverage Programs

This guide describes the key components for successful healthy beverage programs.


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Sickly Sweet - Why the Focus on Sugary Drinks

This fact sheet explains how sugary drinks contribute to obesity.


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Healthier Beverage Policies and Drinks with Artificial Sweeteners

This fact sheet answers some of the commonly asked questions about artificial sweeteners and discusses considerations around including artificially sweetened products in hospital food and beverage policies.


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Healthcare Can Lead the Way - Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

This fact sheet explains how healthcare facilities are uniquely situated to both lead and benefit from healthy beverage programs.



Healthy Beverage Programs, Healthy Bottom Lines

This fact sheet discusses some of the common misperceptions about the potential financial impact of healthy beverage programs.


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Healthy Beverage Policies - Key Definitions and Sample Standards

This fact sheet provides guidance on developing written definitions and standards for healthy beverage policies.


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Thirsty for Health - Tap Water and Healthcare

This fact sheet explains why promoting drinking water from the tap makes public health and economic sense.


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Healthy Beverage Hot Spots - Identifying and Utilizing the Institutional Access Points

This fact sheet identifies the key points of access to drinks within a healthcare facility.



Frequently Asked Questions About Healthy Beverage Programs

This fact sheet provides responses for the questions that have typically come up when healthcare organizations have implemented healthy beverage programs.