Kansas Commercial Tobacco Resources

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These Kansas specific resources provide guidelines on drafting smoke-free school policies and information about adopting smoke-free policies within multi-unit public housing.


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Kansas Tobacco Guideline for Behavioral Heath Care: An Implementation Toolkit (2018)

Compilation of practical approaches and policy resources that mental health and substance use providers can use to implement the Kansas Tobacco Guideline for Behavioral Health. Created jointly by NAMI Kansas and Public Health Law Center.

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Tobacco-free Parks Policies in Kansas (2019)

Overview and list of policies to prohibit tobacco use in Kansas parks, policy elements, and drafting considerations. Links to original documents.

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Commercial Tobacco-Free Open Spaces Policies Map

Map of Kansas communities that have adopted policies to restrict commercial tobacco use in outdoor open spaces, including parks.


Tobacco 21 Policies in Kansas (2019)

Overview of Kansas policies that raise the minimum sales age for tobacco products to 21.

Kansas map with hightlighted counties that have adopted tobacco 21 policies

Tobacco 21 Policies in Kansas Map

Map of Kansas juristictions that have adopted policies that raise the minimum sales age for tobacco products to 21

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Model Tobacco-free Policy for Kansas Schools (2017)

This is a model policy worksheet for Tobacco-free Kansas Schools.

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Smoke-free Policies in Kansas Public Housing (2017)

Adopting smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing has many benefits. These benefits include: a healthier, cleaner, and safer living and work environment; reduced risk of fire and smoke-related property damage; cost savings because of lower cleaning expenses and reduced insurance premiums; fewer complaints from residents; and market demand.

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Stopping Tobacco Use in Kansas Schools (2017)

Many Kansas school districts have adopted comprehensive tobacco-free policies which ban the use of tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes) on all school property (both indoor and outdoor areas), as well as at off-campus school functions. Many schools are also effectively educating students and staff about the dangers of tobacco use. However, there is more work to be done.

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Kansas Attorney General Opinion No. 2017-19 (Dec. 28, 2017)

Cities and counties may use home rule to enact an ordinance or resolution that prohibits the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products to persons less than 21 years of age.