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A community food council examines how the local food system operates, and provides policy recommendations to improve that system. A food council is often made up of a diverse group of stakeholders for the purpose of improving the food environment within a particular community.

Creating a food council through resolution is a powerful tool that a local government can utilize to interact with the community in policymaking and seek guidance on complex issues. Food councils are becoming more commonly used and have proven to be an effective process for implementing and executing state and local food policies.  The resources included in this guide provide direction to local communities seeking to create and implement food councils and increase access to healthy, affordable food.



Season Extension Activities in Kansas: Legal Issues and Local Policy Options (2017); Webinar

Season extension activities can help those growing local produce overcome challenges and extend the growing season. Season extension activities range from common agricultural practices, such as selecting cold-weather hearty plants, to sophisticated growing techniques that require infrastructure, like hydroponic growing methods within permanent greenhouses. This resource and webinar identify regulatory and other legal issues and discuss local policy options to support season extension in Kansas. This publication was made possible with funding from KC Healthy Kids.

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Food Council Bylaws - Interactive Tool (2017)

An interactive representation of the bylaws of eight food councils in Kansas. Those drafting food council bylaws can look at existing bylaws in similar councils to see how they have intertwined the needs and priorities specific to their councils and communities.

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Food Council Bylaws (2017)

Food councils have proven to be effective entities for reviewing and recommending state and local food policies. One of the first steps to creating an effective food council is the drafting and enactment of bylaws. This resource outlines what provisions to include when drafting bylaws and provides specific examples from existing food council bylaws in Kansas.

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Kansas Planning Guide: Incorporating Health into Local Community Planning (2017)

Local planning efforts are an important tool to improve chronic health issues from a lack of physical activity and access to healthy food, in addition to improving health inequities experienced by different populations. Community health advocates and planners can use this resource to explore how local community planning efforts to support the health and well-being of Kansans by incorporating public health goals into traditional planning elements.

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Drafting a Resolution to Create a Food Council (2017)

Creating a food council through resolution is a powerful tool local governments can utilize to interact with the community in policymaking and seek guidance on complex food system issues. This resource outlines the main components of a successful resolution, providing examples of each component within a sample resolution and steps to consider when creating a food council.

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Webinar: Food and Farm Councils: Mobilizing Communities to Support Healthy Local Foods (2016)

Food and Farm Councils have quickly become a trend in Kansas. They are being established in communities all over the state with efforts led by diverse health, agriculture, and economic development partners. This webinar discusses what Food and Farm Councils are, and what steps communities have taken to establish these councils. Additionally, we cover what Public Health Law Center tools are available, and how to use the tools to support new or future food policy work in your community.

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The Food System (2014)

Our food choices impact every aspect of our society and economy. Yet, how we currently get food from the farm to our plates is a mystery to many of us. Food distribution and procurement is a global system. It encompasses farmers, eaters, and all of the industries that link them together.  This resource provides a snapshot of how the food system works and how it can impact wellness, equity, the economy and the environment.

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Healthy Food Resources

Increasing access to healthy food is emerging as a priority in Kansas as local governments and communities are taking action to address food insecurity, support local producers, and improve healthier food and beverage options. These resources provide an overview of Kansas laws that support access to healthy and affordable local food and influence initiatives that provide healthier food environments.

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Farmers' Market Resources

Interest in farmers' markets is growing across Kansas, with the number of these markets increasing more than four-fold in the past two decades. The growth of farmers' markets is closely tied to community efforts to support local producers (sources of fresh, local, and healthy foods) and grow local economies.

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Kansas Local Government Resources

Local governments play a significant role in establishing local policy initiatives to ensure that community members have access to healthy local food and a viable transportation and recreation system that supports walking and bicycling. This collection of fact sheets highlights the different types of policies local governments use to increase access to local healthy foods, support the growth of local economies, and encourage walking, bicycling, and other forms of physical activity in Kansas.

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Map of Kansas Food and Farm Councils (2017)

The Kansas Alliance for Wellness and the Public Health Law Center have partnered to support the formation of food and farm councils across Kansas. This resource was created by the Kansas Alliance for Wellness to show the presence of these councils. Updated September 5, 2017.

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