A food system assessment (FSA) is an important tool for evaluating a community’s needs and resources for any number of issues related to food. FSAs can be used to understand gaps in food access and availability, opportunities for food production and waste recovery, or support for economic development around food retail. FSAs can also assist with policymaking as they are able to capture the social, political, environmental and economic contexts within which food system activities take place.


Allen County, Kansas

Crawford County, Kansas

Douglas County, Kansas/Northeast Kansas

    Harvey County, Kansas

    Hodgeman County, Kansas

    Junction City/Geary County, Kansas

    Shawnee County, Kansas

    South Hutchinson/Reno County, Kansas

    Cheyenne, Decatur, Logan, Rawlins, Sheridan, Sherman, Thomas, Wallace Counties, Kansas

    Clay, Cloud, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Jewell, Lincoln, Marshall, Mitchell, Ottawa, Republic, Saline, Washington Counties, Kansas