Minnesota Child Care Resources

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Child care providers are in a unique position to address the childhood obesity epidemic and tobacco-related health hazards. The Public Health Law Center has developed a series of resources designed to inform and support Minnesota efforts to cultivate child care settings that promote healthy eating, positive exercise habits, reduced screen time, and tobacco-free environments.


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Breastfeeding and Childcare Resources

This publication outlines the benefits, best practices, considerations and legal requirements of breastfeeding with an emphasis on childcare providers.

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Minnesota Child Care: An Overview

This fact sheet outlines how child care is defined and regulated in Minnesota


Minnesota Child Care Laws

The Public Health Law Center has assessed state laws and regulations related to the child care setting through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Healthy Eating Research program. The statutes and regulations included in this chart were compiled according to a protocol developed to implement this project.

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Nutrition, Active Play & Screen Time Laws in Minnesota

This fact sheet outlines existing laws in Minnesota that promote healthy eating and active play. Child care providers are uniquely positioned to help children cultivate healthy eating and positive exercise habits early in life because over half of all preschool-aged children regularly spend significant time in non-parental child care.

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The Current Child Care Context

This fact sheet addresses discussions about regulating the child care setting in Minnesota. Minnesota stakeholders and policymakers should consider the current context of child care in Minnesota and understand how these standards might impact child care providers.

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The Child and Adult Care Food Program

This fact sheet outlines important information relating to the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Minnesota uses CACFP requirements to set the minimum nutritional standards for all child care settings in the state.

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Good Food and Active Play

This fact sheet identifies how child care nutrition is being improved across the country and how those policy options translate into the Minnesota experience.

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Food Safety Standards in Child Care Settings

This fact sheet outlines how food safety standards intersect with the Minnesota child care setting. The interaction between child care and food safety laws is important because child care healthy eating efforts can be affected by state and local food codes.

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Using Voluntary Standards to Promote Health

This fact sheet outlines how voluntary standards and quality ratings can be used to promote nutrition and active play in the child care setting.

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Minnesota Farm to Child Care

A series of resources designed to help child care providers and other early childhood educators understand how Farm to Child Care strategies complement existing licensing, quality ratings, and best practices standards.

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Webinar: Worksites, Breastfeeding, and Your Responsibilities Under the Law (2016)

A webinar addressing how the laws apply to Minnesota businesses, including the accommodations employers must make for nursing moms to ensure compliance.