More than a dozen states are considering or have passed so-called e-registry laws. The Center has published a commentary post discussing these laws in more depth but, briefly, they set up state-run directories that contain a list of e-cigarettes that can legally be sold in the state. To make it onto the state registry, a manufacturer must certify that they have submitted a premarket tobacco product application to the FDA and that the product has either been authorized by the FDA or that it remains under FDA review.*

Below is a map showing every state that either has an e-registry law or that is considering adopting one. Click on a state to see links that will take you to that state’s e-registry law or the bill that is proposing it.

*One state, Maryland, is considering an e-registry bill that limits permissible products to only those that have been authorized by the FDA.

To review the settlement agreements in any given state, select a state on the map below.

Red  = Has already passed an e-registry bill
Gold = Is considering an e-registry bill
Blue = Is considering a public-health-oriented e-registry bill
Gray = Does not have an e-registry bill in progress