The Public Health Law Center developed this TRL license fee calculator tool to help jurisdictions figure out how much they need to charge retailers to cover the costs of running a good TRL program. Not all jurisdictions have the same authority to impose business licensing fees; in certain states, there may be limitations on the regulatory costs that can be recovered. Some states may be preempted from licensing tobacco retailers altogether and may need to figure out other strategies of regulating tobacco retailers and recovering the costs of doing so. For a state-specific example of TRL best practices, see our California Comprehensive Model TRL Ordinance. Please consult with an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction for information about limitations that may be applicable to regulatory programs. 


Download the Excel Version of the TRL Calculator

How to Use the Calculator:

The calculator is set up so that jurisdictions can plug numbers into either the “detailed” left-hand column, or the “simplified” right-hand column. The “detailed” column breaks down each staffing activity that goes into operating a TRL program. The “simplified” right-hand column may be more useful for jurisdictions that devote a certain, pre-determined dollar amount to staffing time. Although not every one of the activities listed in the “detailed” column will be part of an individual jurisdiction’s TRL program, the calculator provides examples of the types of activities that may go into supporting each element of a successful program.

The calculator below is an embedded excel spreadsheet, so users can enter numbers directly into the spreadsheet. Users do not have to enter values into every column in order to obtain a sum at the bottom of the spreadsheet. A user can also download an excel version of the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page.

We hope this tool is useful to your jurisdiction as you begin to develop and implement your TRL program. Please reach out to the Public Health Law Center with questions, comments, or feedback about the TRL calculator. We welcome your input as we continue to improve this tool!