U.S. Assisted Living Smoke-free Regulations: A 50-State Review (2016)

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Below is a snapshot of the U.S. landscape of state smoke-free regulations in adult foster care homes and similar assisted living residences as of January 2016.1 This information was based on a 50-state (plus Washington, D.C.) survey of current state statutes and administrative rules and regulations pertaining to the use of tobacco products in adult foster care homes and related assisted living residences.2  Because states vary in the terms they use for these homes and facilities, efforts were made to include those assisted living residences that most resemble adult foster care – licensed living arrangements that provide mentally or physically impaired, elderly or ailing adults around-the-clock support, including food, lodging, supervision and household services, both in corporate adult foster care facilities and in private residences. Whenever possible, hyperlinks to free online resources containing the cited authority are included. Please click on a state to see regulations in place as of January 2016.

Download Complete Data Set [PDF]
Download State Guide [PDF] 


1This publication was prepared as part of a 2014-16 research grant (RC-2014-0017), funded by ClearWay MinnesotaSM.

2For additional information about specific residential care programs and regulations, see U.S. Dep’t of Health & Human Services, Compendium of Residential Care and Assisted Living Regulations and Policy:2015 Edition (2015).