Are e-cigarettes in any section of the state’s statutes included in the definition of "Tobacco Products"?



How does the state define an e-cigarette?

Alternative nicotine product means “(1) [a]n electronic cigarette; or (2) [a]ny other product that consists of or contains nicotine that can be ingested into the body by chewing, smoking, absorbing, dissolving, inhaling or by any other means; (3) [a]ny electronic device that can be used to deliver nicotine to an individual inhaling from the device, including…any cartridge component, liquid, capsule or powder used to refill or resupply such an electronic device; or (4) [a]n electronic cigar or cigarillo.”
Miss. Code Ann. § 97-32-51(1)(a)(i) (2023)

Electronic cigarette means “an electronic product or device that produces a vapor that delivers nicotine or other substances to the person inhaling from the device to simulate smoking, and is likely to be offered to, or purchased by, consumers as an electronic cigarette, electronic cigar, electronic cigarillo or electronic pipe.”
Miss. Code Ann. § 97-32-51(1)(b)(i) (2023)


Is there a state excise or special tax (non-sales tax) placed on e-cigarettes?



What regulations are in place for e-cigarette packaging?



What restrictions are in place for retail or youth access?

Sale/distribution of alternative nicotine products or any cartridge, component, liquid, capsule, or powder therof to persons under 21 prohibited.
Miss. Code Ann. §§ 97-32-51(2)97-32-52(1), (3) (2023)

Purchase of alternative nicotine products by persons under age 21 prohibited.
Miss. Code Ann. § 97-32-9 (2023)

Possession of alternative nicotine product by students on educational property is prohibited.
Miss. Code Ann. § 97-32-9 (2023)

Internet sales of alternative nicotine products or any cartridge or component require third-party age verification.
Miss. Code Ann. § 97-32-51(3)(b) (2023)


Is a retail license or permit required to sell e-cigarettes?



What smoke-free restrictions exist for e-cigarette use?



Mississippi e-cigarette regulations as of December 15, 2023.

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