Heated Cigarettes

Heated cigarettes (such as iQOS) are getting more attention as commercial tobacco product manufacturers tout their marketing success abroad and begin introducing the products into the U.S. market. Although the tobacco industry refers to them as “heat-not-burn” products, this term is a misnomer that attempts to downplay the harm of using these products. In fact, some heated cigarettes are lit by fire, and many product components have obvious signs of charring or discoloration after use, evidence that burning occurs. There is no known independent research that demonstrates that these products present less harm to the user than conventional cigarettes.

Unlike e-cigarettes that were so different from existing products that they did not fit into existing regulatory schemes, heated cigarettes seem to be similar enough to other tobacco products that broad, comprehensive definitions can cover the new products. States and localities should analyze relevant laws to determine whether heated cigarettes are already covered and, if it is not clear, update or draft language to ensure that heated cigarettes are included in all tobacco regulations.


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IQOS Charger, holder, and tobacco or "HEET" stick

IQOS is a "Modified Risk Tobacco Product" - So What? (2021)

Answers to frequently asked questions about IQOS (heated tobacco product) and the implications of its designation as a modified risk tobacco product.

Heated Cigarettes

U.S. Heated Cigarette Regulations - 50 State Review (2018)

A 50-state survey (plus Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Territories) of current state statutes pertaining to heated cigarette regulations.

Heated Cigarettes

Heated Cigarettes (2018)

This fact sheet provides an overview of the heated cigarettes category of products, describes products currently available on the U.S. market, and explains how heated cigarettes fit into a comprehensive regulatory scheme.