Other Tobacco Products

As U.S. smoking rates have declined over the last decade, the country has seen a rise in the use of novel non-cigarette tobacco products, often called “other tobacco products” or OTPs. These products include dissolvables – flavored, smokeless tobacco products that resemble candy and dissolve in the user’s mouth. Tobacco dissolvables come in different forms of finely ground flavored tobacco, such as strips, which resemble breath fresheners; sticks, which look like twisted toothpicks; and orbs, which are shaped like small hard candies. Other novel non-cigarette tobacco products enjoying a surge in popularity include snus (the Swedish word for snuff), tobacco in a teabag-like pouch that users place between their lips and gums, and little cigars, products that typically resemble cigarettes and are distinguished from other cigar products by their size and tobacco content weight.

Under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (“Tobacco Control Act”), the Food and Drug Administration regulates the manufacturing, marketing and sale of cigarettes, including flavored cigarettes and their component parts, but many of its provisions do not apply to novel non-cigarette tobacco products. The Tobacco Control Act does, however, preserve the authority of local and state governments to regulate the sale and marketing of these products.

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