Smoking Regulation Symposium


Going Too Far? Exploring the Limits of Smoking Regulation (2008)

On October 23, 2007, the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium held an interactive public health law symposium entitled “Going Too Far? Exploring the Limits of Smoking Regulation” at William Mitchell College of Law, in St. Paul, Minnesota. The symposium provided a forum for a lively exchange of divergent views among public health lawyers and tobacco control experts about the impact of expansive new smoke-free policies on autonomy, privacy, confidentiality, personal liberty, and public health.

The symposium featured five speakers, all nationally recognized experts in public health law and tobacco control policy, who spoke in two moderated point/counterpoint sessions, presenting and debating differing views of each topic:

Simon Chapman, Ph.D
University of Sydney

Robert Crane, M.D.
Ohio State University

Lewis Maltby, J.D.
National Workrights Institute

James Repace, MSc., Biophysicist
Tufts University School of Medicine

David Sweanor, J.D.
University of Ottawa


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