State-Specific Resources

The Public Health Law Center is an experienced legal technical assistance provider with a track record of success in using law and policy to improve public health. The Center contracts with state and local health departments, foundations, and other organizations to create resources specific to the laws of certain states regarding healthy eating, active living and/or commercial tobacco control.

The Center also conducts 50-state reviews of healthy eating/active living/tobacco control laws in certain subject areas. These 50-state reviews can be found in the subject area pages (Child Care, Bicycling and Walking, etc.).


Featured resource collections are below.

California Commercial Tobacco Control

California Commercial Tobacco Control

The Public Health Law Center and the American Lung Association in California were awarded a 5-year contract by the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) at the California Department of Health to support commercial tobacco control professionals and advocates in their work to end the commercial tobacco epidemic in California. The contract for the Statewide Policy Implementation and Development Coordination Center begins July 1, 2019.

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Kansas Resources

The Public Health Law Center provides a range of legal technical assistance for the Kansas Health Foundation, a private philanthropy dedicated to improving the health of all Kansans. The Center is focusing its efforts on three large Foundation initiatives: the Healthy Communities Initiative, the Statewide Partnerships for a Healthier Kansas Initiative, and the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition.

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Minnesota Healthy Eating Active Living Resources

The Center supports the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP), a cornerstone of Minnesota’s Vision for a Better State of Health. Our legal and policy experts helped Minnesota communities and public health professionals analyze, develop and adopt legal and policy measures that promote healthy eating and physical activity, from school wellness, shared use of school property, Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, worksite wellness, community resolutions, and community and school gardens.

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Minnesota Commercial Tobacco Control Resources

This section contains Minnesota-specific commercial tobacco control resources and publications prepared by the Public Health Law Center, including Tracking Tobacco Laws: A Minnesota Digest, the definitive analysis of Minnesota’s countless tobacco-related laws, which has become a standard reference for attorneys, local officials and health professionals concerned about the impact of tobacco on Minnesota.

Missouri Community Use

Missouri Community Use Resources

The Missouri State Alliance of YMCAs Pioneering Healthier Communities team identified Community Use as a critical area to improve public policy in Missouri. A statewide team of six leaders partnered with the Public Health Law Center to learn about and document barriers related to community use in Missouri. These resources were created from these combined efforts to document barriers and recommend paths towards opening more spaces for Community Use.

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Wisconsin Shared Use of School Property

The Public Health Law Center, Wisconsin Association of School Boards, and Transform Wisconsin developed several resources that explain liability protection provided by recreational agreements. Using these materials allow schools to take advantage of the liability protection offered by state law, and increase shared use of schools spaces.