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Areca nut is the fourth most commonly consumed psychoactive substance worldwide after alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. Product addictiveness, low cost, social/cultural acceptability, the addition of flavorants and sweeteners, and perceptions of product safety are key drivers of the use of areca (often referred to as betel) nut products by over 600 million people worldwide.

Despite wide use of this product in U.S. territories and among South and Southeast Asian migrant groups in the U.S. mainland, and growing public health concerns related to the practice of chewing betel quid and other products containing areca nut and tobacco, few state or local policies regulate the sale or use of such products.

In this presentation, Center senior staff attorney Kerry Cork provides a brief overview of the health risks associated with areca nut and tobacco use, common practices and ingrained cultural beliefs about betel quid, and regulatory considerations for addressing this public health problem at state and local levels.