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Following the passing in Brookline, Massachusetts, of a birthdate sales restriction policy on the sale of tobacco products, there has been a renewed interest in commercial tobacco endgame strategies. Often referred to as commercial “tobacco-free,” (TFG) “smoke-free,” (SFG) or “nicotine-free” (NFG) generation policies, this approach represents a legally and sometimes politically defensible approach to addressing the harms of commercial tobacco with an aim of significantly, but gradually, curtailing future consumption.

Because Birthdate Sales Restriction policies are a long-term strategy, there may be less political and social opposition to them – but with the potential tradeoff of allowing the industry to continue sales and promotion to those born before the birthdate for decades, and possibly undermining other endgame efforts. In this webinar, the Law and Policy Partnership and the University of California San Francisco join to discuss birthdate-based policies, the potential to reshape California commercial tobacco control efforts, and challenges that lay ahead.

Dr. Ruth Malone, University of California San Francisco
Dr. Tim McAfee, University of California San Francisco
Neil Sircar, Public Health Law Center

Natalie Hemmerich, Public Health Law Center
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