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California is Second State to Prohibit Flavored Tobacco Product Sales
What the Referendum on California’s Flavored Tobacco Sales Ban Means
California's Flavored Tobacco Ban (SB793)
Keeping Hookah Tobacco in Flavored Sales Restrictions: Why it's Important for Health Equity

With some local governments and the California Legislature exempting hookah from flavored tobacco restrictions, many local governments have questions: What are the real health impacts of hookah? What are the implications of regulating hookah for equity and cultural sensitivity? What options do we have for regulating hookah at a local level in California? This webinar will answer these questions, and discuss the challenges with enforcement created by hookah exemptions in flavor restrictions.

Jamie Long, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center
Kyra Hill, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center
Colin Welker, Policy Analyst, Public Health Law Center