Many public health regulations, including advertising restrictions on tobacco products and required warning labels for sugar sweetened beverages, have faced legal challenges as impermissible restrictions on protected First Amendment free speech. While these cases involve complicated issues, legal experts will provide, in easy-to-understand terms, a general overview of the First Amendment and a current assessment of how courts view different types of public health regulations in both the commercial tobacco control and the health eating and active living realms.

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Julie Ralston Aoki, Director of Healthy Eating and Active Living, Public Health Law Center
Rachel Bloomekatz, Principal, Gupta Wessler PLLC
Ted Mermin, Co-Director and Founder of Public Good Law Center and Interim Executive Director of the Berkeley Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice





Mark D. Meaney, Lead Senior Staff Attorney for Technical Assistance, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium at the Public Health Law Center