Get Ready for Spring! Supporting the Success of Local Community Gardens through Local Laws and Policies (2017)

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Gardening season is fast approaching and community gardeners are gearing up for the next growing season. In anticipation of spring, the Public Health Law Center is excited to announce the release of its new and improved Community Gardening: Policy Reference Guide (2017). The Guide, organized around the steps of creating a garden, is designed to help community gardeners, advocates, and policy-makers navigate potential legal and policy issues related to community gardening, with a primary focus on policy and legal issues at the local level.

This webinar will build off of the Guide, providing local gardeners and community partners with valuable information about the benefits of community gardens and the role of local policies in developing and maintaining successful gardening efforts. Local community garden experiences will illustrate how local gardeners have worked with local laws and policies to create vibrant community gardens in Minnesota. Specifically, the webinar will highlight the successes of Heart & Soil, a grassroots community-driven effort to encourage locally-sourced and accessible healthy food, sustainable gardening education and connections between community members in neighborhoods across Mankato, Minnesota.

This webinar has already occurred. Please use the resources below:

Webinar Slides [PDF]

Webinar Recording:


Mary Marrow, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center
Erica Idso, Heart & Soil Community Gardens, Mankato
Additional speakers to be announced


Leoma Van Dort, Policy Analyst, Public Health Law Center


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