Child care providers are a vital part of healthy, thriving communities. Over half of children between the ages of zero and five spend significant time in non-parental child care. These early years are critical for healthy brain development and establishing the habits that last a lifetime. Laws and policies shape how we think of “quality” in child care settings. The Public Health Law Center completed a policy mapping project of the food policy environment for family child care settings in Minnesota.

This webinar outlines the process for collecting and communicating the complex policy environment, share lessons learned on mapping the policy environment, and explains how this type of work can be used and replicated in other local and state contexts. Research funding for this policy map was provided through Healthy Eating Research, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Additional support was provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota’s Center for Prevention.

For more information on the policy visualization, please visit For another example of a policy visualization funded by the HER grant, please visit: for a detailed article of the Information graphic created by Chad P. Hall, Tad Hirsch, and Jennifer J. Otten.

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Senior Staff Attorney Natasha Frost, Public Health Law Center


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