Webinar Slides
Making Affordable Housing Smoke-Free: First Steps (2021)
Creating Smoke-free Affordable Housing (2021)
Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Equitable Enforcement Strategies
MN Model Smoke-Free Lease Addendum
Clean Air for All: The Smoke-Free Public Housing Project (website | compliance and enforcement toolkit)
Live Smoke Free
National Housing Law Project: A Guide to Equitable Smoke-Free Public Housing
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Smoke-free public housing Resource Bank and Guidebook

This 45-minute webinar will describe how to initiate, implement, and equitably enforce smoke-free policies in affordable housing programs. Presenters will explore emerging “hot topics,” including outreach and education, equitable compliance-focused enforcement, and drafting comprehensive policies. The webinar will also feature several useful resources. 

Jackie Siewert, Assistant Program Director, Live Smoke Free / Association for Nonsmokers - MN
Rachel Callanan, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center

Mike Freiberg, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center