Webinar Slides
PHLC Minnesota Cannabis Resources

This 60-minute webinar explores the cannabis prevention and education resources that currently exist and that will be made available under the new cannabis law.

Public Health Law Center will first provide a brief overview of the prevention and education resources included in the cannabis legalization legislation and the timeline for when those resources will be available to schools and communities; Traci Toomey, the director of the new Cannabis Research Center at the U of M's School of Public Health will provide an overview of the Center’s anticipated role and resources; and Kara Skahen, the director of the Minnesota Prevention Resources Center, will share some popular resources for prevention and education that prevention professionals are finding most useful now.

Guest speakers from California and Washington will identify the key lessons learned as these states have implemented their prevention and education programs in states with legalized adult-use cannabis. This is an opportunity to take stock of resources that exist currently to best educate the public, parents, and youth, and explore the prevention resources that will be needed as a cannabis industry is established in Minnesota.

• Traci Toomey, PhD, Minnesota Cannabis Research Center
• Kara Skahen, MSW, MPP, MN Prevention Resources Center
• Palvinder Kaur, Sierra Health Foundation (Elevate Youth California)
• Harrison Fontaine, PhD, Washington State Health Care Authority, SUD Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery
• Rachel Callanan, JD, Public Health Law Center