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With flavors like berry lemonade, pineapple ice, and many variations of mint, “cool”, and “frost” products, flavored commercial tobacco products have become a primary tactic to get youth to start using commercial tobacco and keep them hooked.

In commercial tobacco control policy, the legal landscape of flavored tobacco product regulation continues to evolve at the federal, state, and local levels. Thirty jurisdictions in Minnesota have already adopted some form of local policy to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products.

This hour-long webinar will provide an overview of the legal landscape for regulating these products including the FDA’s anticipated rules prohibiting menthol in cigarettes and all characterizing flavors in cigars, state and local sales bans on flavored products around the country, how such policies have withstood legal challenges brought by the tobacco industry and what these lawsuits mean for Minnesota communities interested in restricting flavored tobacco products.

This session will conclude with lessons learned from jurisdictions that have successfully enacted and defended flavor restriction policies, including how to craft a strong law and how to best avoid potential pitfalls. Public Health Law Center has over two decades of experience with local, state, and federal commercial tobacco regulation and has assisted hundreds of Minnesota communities adopt local commercial tobacco policies centered in public health and equity.

Willow Anderson, JD - Public Health Law Center
Marisa Katz, JD - Public Health Law Center

Rachel Callanan, JD, MNM - Public Health Law Center