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Commercial tobacco regulations and laws continue to adapt and shift to keep pace with the evolving tactics of the commercial tobacco industry.

This hour-long CLE will provide an overview of current State, Federal, and local laws pertaining to tobacco retail licensing ordinances in Minnesota. Presenters will also provide examples of optional public health policies, such as restricting the sale of flavored commercial tobacco products, distance requirements between tobacco licensees and youth-oriented sites, and more, that communities can pursue through a local tobacco retail licensing ordinance.

Public Health Law Center has partnered with the Minnesota Department of Health for over two decades to provide Minnesota communities free assistance to address commercial tobacco. This is the first in a series of three free webinars, attendees can tune in for one or all, to provide Minnesota communities a framework and public health-oriented policies to reduce the impact of commercial tobacco.

Attendees can choose to tune in for one or all of the webinars.

Rachel Chambers, JD - Public Health Law Center
Rachel Callanan, JD, MNM - Public Health Law Center

Marisa Katz, JD - Public Health Law Center