Some of the most effective tobacco control policies are developed at the local level before being replicated and often enhanced by state and other local governments. Preemption, which occurs when a higher governmental entity removes the authority of a local branch of government, threatens the ability of local public health leaders to execute their vision for tobacco control in their jurisdictions. In 2019, several state legislatures proposed measures that would preempt local jurisdictions from regulating tobacco products in some manner, demonstrating that preemption is still a crucial issue in tobacco control.

The Tobacco Control Network (TCN), a peer network of ASTHO, and the Public Health Law Center (PHLC) are organizing a three-part webinar series exploring what tobacco control stakeholders need to know about preemption and strategies to avoid it. This third and final webinar in the series will discuss opportunities to promote tobacco control and cessation at the state level when tobacco preemption limits local authority. This webinar will include a presentation from subject matter experts at the Public Health Law Center, accompanied by state level case studies from North Carolina and Oklahoma. All tobacco control stakeholders are invited to participate in this learning series.

This webinar has already occured. Please use the resources below:

Webinar Slides


Sally Herndon, Director, North Carolina Tobacco Prevention & Control
Tracy Strader, Public Health Consultant, Oklahoma
Mark Meaney, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center
Josh Berry, Senior Analyst, ASTHO