New Tobacco Products: An Overview

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Friday, April 5, 2013

As U.S. smoking rates have declined over the last decade, novel non-cigarette tobacco products, often called “other tobacco products” or OTPs have been introduced into the retail marketplace. This webinar provides an overview of these new tobacco products, what they are, and how they are marketed. The presenters summarize some of the available research on these products and their impact on public health. Finally, the webinar examines the Minnesota Tobacco Modernization and Compliance Act, how it addresses to new tobacco products, and role of, or opportunity for, local (city and county) retail licensing regulations.

This webinar has already occurred. Please use the resources below:

Webinar Slides [PDF]


  • Betsy Brock, Director of Research, Association for Nonsmokers - MN
  • Scott M. Kelly, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center


  • Cassandra Stepan, Cross-State Planner, Minnesota Department of Health