No-Smoking Policies in Condos: Working with Community Associations & Common Interest Communities

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This webinar covers:

  • Baseline studies conducted in Minnesota and Massachusetts that assessed the secondhand smoke problem, the percentage of buildings with no-smoking policies, residents’ opinions, market demand for smoke-free policies, and experience with policy implementation. 
  • Results of legal research on options available to owner-occupants and homeowners’ associations.
  • Public policy approaches to reducing exposure
  • Strategies for working with trade associations for community association managers and board members and the attorneys who serve them.


  • Warren Ortland, JD, Public Health Law Center, William Mitchell College of Law, Minnesota
  • Christopher N. Banthin, Esq., Public Health Advocacy Institute, Northeastern University School of Law, Massachusetts
  • Theresa Cross, RD, MS, Clark County Public Health, Vancouver, Washington
  • Diane Laughter, MPH, Health In Sight LLC for the Oregon Smokefree Housing Project, funded by the Oregon Health Authority 

Download the slides here: