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Tobacco Product Waste Toolkit
Disposing of E-Cigarette Waste FAQ
Truth Initiative Tobacco and the Environment Report
Tobacco Product Waste White Paper
Boulder County VapeAware Campaign
FDA Best Practices and Guidance Document for Schools
Tobacco Free Colorado Guidance for Schools 

Tobacco product waste (TPW) includes plastic cigarette butts, e-cigarette batteries, hazardous nicotine and other chemicals and metals, as well as plastic wrapping of all kinds. TPW is an environmental problem with vast impacts that affect precious water resources and terrestrial and aquatic wildlife and the ecosystems that depend on them. It contributes to climate change, affects global food security and sovereignty, and is the direct result of the production and disposal of a product that remains the only consumer product that can kill its users when used as intended.

This short 30-minute webinar will review recent research related to the impacts of TPW, discuss potential policy solutions, highlight several Public Health Law Center resources, and present some examples of efforts to address and mitigate TPW impacts in Tribal Communities.

Kyra Hill, Public Health Law Center
Colin Welker, Public Health Law Center