Preemptive policies and preemption-based legal challenges can block state and local advances in tobacco control and public health and derail important initiatives. In this first of a series of Consortium and Public Health Law Center webinars on the impact of preemption on public health and safety, public health experts provide a general background on preemption and how it has been used to weaken, impede, and defeat tobacco control, healthy eating, active living, and other public health policies. Presenters also give a quick overview of possible preemption-related issues and challenges to public health laws in the 2018 legislative sessions.

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Cathy Callaway, Director, State and Local Campaigns, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Julie Ralston Aoki, Director of Healthy Eating and Active Living, Public Health Law Center
Mark Meaney, Lead Senior Staff Attorney for Technical Assistance, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium

Andrew Twinamatsiko, Staff Attorney, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium