Supporting Healthy Eating in Greater Minnesota—Understanding and Improving the Grocery and Small Store Landscape (2016)

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Most of the foods and beverages people consume come from grocery stores. Yet stores in many communities—particularly in rural areas--face significant challenges in successfully providing the variety of foods needed to support healthy diets. Learn what you can do to help support local grocers in your communities in offering a healthy array of food choices. This session addresses challenges and strategies related to increasing access to healthy foods in rural communities. Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify promising strategies for increasing access to healthful foods in rural communities
  2. Identify key challenges to increasing healthy food availability in rural stores
  3. Develop ways to offer value to grocery stores to initiate mutually beneficial partnerships
  4. Share challenges, successes, and questions related to increasing healthy food access in rural stores

This webinar has already ocurred. Please use the following resources to access the information:

Webinar Recording:


Presenters include:

Teresa Ambroz, Nutrition Coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Health

Karen Lanthier, Assistant Program Director, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

Julie Ralston Aoki, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center.