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In dealing with the vaping epidemic among California youth, schools are on the front line of a new threat to public health: dangerous tobacco product pollution. E-cigarettes present numerous environmental hazards when discarded, as they are composed of plastic, electronic waste such as lithium-ion batteries, and liquid poisons. Schools are finding discarded cartridges and devices on their grounds and parking lots, and are confiscating these items as a part of their tobacco-free policies. How can schools start to deal with these toxic products?

This webinar covers some of the environmental harms associated with e-cigarette production and disposal, and will present nicotine’s danger as an “acute hazardous waste.” Schools in California are required to comply with state hazardous waste laws, which can be complex and difficult to navigate at times. This webinar shares how other states are tackling the problem, and ways to connect with local and state authorities to correctly deal with this waste. The presentation also covers school districts’ recent litigation against e-cigarette manufacturers to claw back the high costs of dealing with this issue.

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Webinar Slides (PDF)

Complaint - Los Angeles Unified School District v. Juul Labs, Inc. et al.

Complaint - The People of the State of California v. Juul Labs, Inc. et al.

Disposing of E-Cigarette Waste: FAQ for Schools and Others (2019)

Environmental Contamination from E-cigarette, Cigarette, Cigar, and Cannabis Products at 12 High Schools — San Francisco Bay Area, 2018–2019

Commercial Tobacco, Health, and the Environment (2019)

Taking on Tobacco Industry Pollution - Webinar (2019)

Kyra Hill and Hudson Kingston, Public Health Law Center