Tobacco-Free Generation (TFG) laws are a novel approach to ending the commercial tobacco use epidemic. First described in a 2010 academic paper, Tobacco-free Generation laws annually increase the minimum legal sales age. In 2020, Brookline, Massachusetts succeeded in passing a Tobacco-free Generation ordinance and then defending it in court.

The Public Health Law Center's hour-long panel brings together several people behind Brookline’s groundbreaking approach, along with experts in global tobacco control, to share their insights and lessons-learned on this new way of ending the tobacco epidemic. Panelists will also discuss the range of approaches communities can consider to prevent tobacco and nicotine use and will answer questions from attendees.

Chris Banthin, Public Health Advocacy Institute
Mark Gottlieb, Public Health Advocacy Institute
Kelsey Romeo-Stuppy, Action on Smoking and Health
Katharine Silbaugh, Boston University

Neil Sircar, Public Health Law Center