The Tobacco MSA: Centering Health & Equity in Future National Settlements

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Thursday, June 17, 2021
11:30 a.m. Central Time

The 1998 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) between the major cigarette manufacturers and 46 states, D.C., and five territories remains the largest legal settlement ever executed in the United States. This panel discussion will flag several takeaways from the MSA that might be of benefit in framing any future national settlement with parties such as JUUL Labs.  Panelists will provide a brief background of the MSA, highlight both its positive outcomes and missed opportunities, and discuss implications for future national settlements with tobacco manufacturers.

This webinar is in the application process to award CLE credit.

David Dobbins, Truth Initiative
Michael Hering, National Association of Attorneys General
Rae O'Leary, Canli Coalition
Joelle Lester, Public Health Law Center

Kerry Cork, Public Health Law Center