Voting for Tobacco Control: Headaches, Hazards and Opportunities

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why not let the voters decide? When it comes to tobacco control, the answer can be tricky. This webinar explores how states and local communities have used ballot measures to support tobacco control, and the advantages and disadvantages of ballot measure strategies. Julie Ralston Aoki, Staff Attorney at the Public Health Law Center, describes some of the legal and strategic considerations in using ballot measures to advance tobacco control initiatives; Kerry Cork, Staff Attorney at the Public Health Law Center/Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, provides an overview of North Dakota's successful ballot measure to secure tobacco settlement funding for tobacco control and prevention; Pete Fisher, Vice President, State Issues, from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, discusses stories from the field related to tobacco tax ballot measures; and Cathy Callaway, Associate Director, State & Local Campaign Team, from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, provides her background perspective on smoke-free ballot measures.

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Webinar Slides [PDF]