The Essential Guide to the Master Settlement Agreement (2015)

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Listen to the leading Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) experts share their perspectives on the MSA, how it came to be, how it has been enforced, and why it is so crucial in tobacco regulation. The MSA is an historic accord between cigarette companies and 46 states, reached as a result of litigation seeking compensation for the states’ healthcare costs related to effects of smoking.  Along with settlements with Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Texas, the MSA imposes stringent advertising and marketing restrictions on cigarette promotion and has resulted in the cigarette companies paying over $100 billion in compensation to the states. Because the promotional restrictions and payment system continue in perpetuity, the MSA represents an important foundation in tobacco control. The webinar features attorneys from the National Association of Attorneys General’s Center for Tobacco and Public Health, which is dedicated to helping the attorneys general of the signatory states interpret, implement, and enforce the MSA.

This webinar has already occurred. Please use the resources below:

Webinar Slides [PDF]

Michael Hering, NAAG Tobacco Center, Director and Chief Counsel
Bill Lieblich, NAAG Tobacco Center, Deputy Chief Counsel - Public Health
Tamara Schlinger, NAAG Tobacco Center, Counsel
Desmond Jenson, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center