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Disposing of E-Cigarette Waste: FAQ for Schools and Others (2019)
Webinar - Deliver Us from Evil: E-Cigarettes and the PACT Act

Nicotine has long been regulated as an acute hazardous waste by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In the era of e-cigarettes and the youth vaping epidemic, many schools and other public entities are having to deal with large amounts of discarded and confiscated e-cigarette hazardous waste. To safely and legally dispose of this waste, those collecting e-cigarette waste need to comply with national hazardous waste laws as overseen by the EPA or state regulators with authority to administer hazardous waste programs. To add to the complexity, in 2019 EPA revised how e-cigarettes are regulated when they are discarded, but the revisions are not yet effective in all states. With all the regulatory layers and nuance, there are few easy answers to the many questions being raised about e-cigarette and nicotine product disposal.

This Public Health Law Center webinar will help untangle the complicated issues surrounding responsible disposal of these wastes. A panel of environmental law and commercial tobacco policy experts will discuss national regulatory and local implementation issues related to e-cigarette and nicotine product disposal, and address vexing issues such as THC waste and cost recovery from responsible retailers.

Kristin Fitzgerald, Environmental Protection Specialist – Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, Environmental Protection Agency
Shelly Fuller, Hazardous Materials Program Manager, Boulder County, Colorado
Hudson Kingston, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center

Michael Tynan, Public Health Analyst, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention