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Public Health Law Center Webinars

The Public Health Law Center's series of webinars for the public health community covers significant and timely topics in public health law and policy. Our presenters include experts in areas such as tobacco control, healthy eating, active living and other obesity prevention work, worksite wellness, and general public health policy development. Each webinar provides specific objectives and substantive resources applicable to public health practitioners, lawyers, advocates and community leaders. The Public Health Law Center partners with many national health organizations to co-sponsor and contribute to these webinars. 

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Featured Webinar

Creative Chemistry: Addressing Industry Evasion and Synthetic Nicotine

Wednesday, December 15, 2021
1:00 pm Central Time

Recently, PuffBar e-cigarettes and similar products have emerged on the market claiming to contain synthetic nicotine – nicotine that is not derived from tobacco, but instead produced in a laboratory. Driving these products are the reduced costs of producing synthetic nicotine and federal policies that incentivize the use of synthetic nicotine, such as the FDA’s temporary restriction on the sale of certain flavored cartridge-based products.