Exploring, creating, or sharing tobacco control strategies or policies?  Need the latest federal, state and local resources and data to support your work?  This webinar showcases a variety of handy online resources that anyone in tobacco control – local, state, and federal public health advocates and professionals, researchers, policymakers, attorneys, as well as private citizens – will find of use.  Presenters highlight a collection of legislative and health data found on the CDC’s State Tobacco Activities Tracking & Evaluation (STATE) system website and the Office on Smoking and Health’s Interactive Data Dissemination Tool: OSHData, and show how this wealth of state and local information can help inform tobacco control policy activity and initiatives. The webinar also features several of the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium’s latest resources and tobacco control web pages, including key materials in its FDA Tobacco Action Center.

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Brandon Kenemer, Public Health Advisor, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Lucy Culp, State and Community Advocacy Advisor, American Heart Association
Desmond Jenson, Senior Staff Attorney, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium

Kerry Cork, Senior Staff Attorney, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium