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Gloom Not Doom: The Latest in the Berkeley Decarbonization Case

Building electrification is a key strategy for protecting both public health and the climate, but recent legal developments have complicated state and local governments’ plans for promoting clean buildings in the West, and potentially in the rest of the country.

Join Jonny Kocher and Denise Grab from RMI, Cliff Majersik from the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), and Daniel Carpenter-Gold from the Public Health Law Center for a panel discussion of the California Restaurant Association v. Berkeley case, its implications inside and outside of the Ninth Circuit, and the many policy approaches including building codes and building performance standards that are still available to states and localities to protect their residents from the impacts of fossil-fuel use.

Jonny Kocher - RMI
Cliff Majersik - Institute for Market Transformation (IMT)
Daniel Carpenter-Gold - Public Health Law Center

Denise Grab - RMI